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Christine Hoover, author, Bible teacher, and podcaster
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Christine serves as the Women's Ministry Associate at The Austin Stone Community Church's Northwest congregation in Austin, Texas. She hosts The Ministry Wives podcast and has authored seven books, including Messy Beautiful Friendship and How to Thrive as a Pastor's Wife, as well as a Bible study, Seek First the Kingdom. Her latest offering is You are Not Forgotten: Discovering the God Who Sees the Overlooked and Disregarded. Christine's work has been featured on The Gospel Coalition and Christianity Today. 

In addition to writing, Christine enjoys teaching the Bible to women at The Austin Stone, as well as at women's conferences and retreats across the nation. 

Christine is married to Kyle, who is an Executive Pastor at the Austin Stone. They previously served at Charlottesville Community Church in Charlottesville, VA, the church the Hoovers planted in 2008. Kyle and Christine have three boys.



you are not forgotten cover.png

You Are Not Forgotten

Feeling overlooked? Disregarded? Alone or misunderstood?


I've been there.


And what I learned in the barren wilderness is just what Hagar learned in her own desert: there is a God, and He not only sees you right where you are but is actively working to care for and deliver you.

Messy Beautiful Friendship by Christine Hoover

Messy Beautiful Friendship

Discover a fresh, biblical vision for adult friendship

How to Thrive as a Pastor's Wife book by Christine Hoover

How to Thrive as a

Pastor's Wife

Biblical truths, practical tools, and relatable stories

From Good to Grace book by Christine Hoover

From Good to Grace

Gospel truth for recovering perfectionists and legalists

Searching for Spring by Christine Hoover

Searching For Spring

Discover how God recycles our pain into goodness and beauty

With All Your Heart book by Christine Hoover

With All Your Heart

Joy can be yours through whole-hearted allegiance to Jesus!

The Church Planting Wife book by Christine Hoover

The Church Planting Wife

Help and hope for women in the church planting trenches


seek first cover.jpeg

Seek First the Kingdom

Learn about our King and the kingdom of God in Matthew



Ministry Wives Podcast by Christine Hoover and NAMB, a podcast for pastor's wives

Being a ministry wife is a vocation without a job description… and let’s be honest — sometimes it seems like ministry might be easier if we did have one. If you are a ministry wife like me and are looking for hope, perspective, and a little bit of practical advice regarding your role, you’re in the right place. I’m Christine Hoover… welcome to The Ministry Wives Podcast, a production of the North American Mission Board. Join me as we hear from women in various ministry contexts for authentic conversations about our shared joys and challenges – even the ones we’re unsure we can talk about. No topic is off-limits. Let’s dive in.


Upcoming Speaking Engagements

Sept. 28

Harvest Church

Dec. 7

Faith Bible Church
The Woodlands, TX

Jan. 24-25

Redemption Hill Church
Richmond, VA

Mar. 24

Marshall, TX


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