Christine Hoover


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Joy can be Yours

It comes through right allegiance.


Are you feeling the inadequacy of your false kings? Kings like fear, control, anxiety, and shame?

Our false kings promise peace and safety, but they are always promise-breakers.

There is a different way, because we have a King and belong to his Kingdom.

With All Your Heart is a biblical guide to uncovering your subtle false allegiances and learning practical ways to turn your heart instead toward the true King, who gives the peace and joy we crave.

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  • Access to a private online book study hosted by Christine on Facebook in February and March, which will include mini courses and tools to help you identify and fight your own false allegiances

  • A secret podcast in which Christine shares her own false allegiances and how she's fighting for wholehearted devotion to Christ

  • A signed bookplate from Christine when your paperback copy arrives (U.S. launch team members only)

  • A study guide to help you and your friends or small group discuss the book

  • A With All Your Heart printable 

In return, I ask that you give my book an honest review and share with your friends on social media. 

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