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I'm married to Kyle, who is the Executive Pastor at Austin Stone NW in Austin, TX. We previously served at Charlottesville Community Church in Charlottesville, VA, the church we planted in 2008. 

When I'm not corralling kids (we have three boys) or serving alongside my husband in ministry, I am writing and speaking. The grace of Christ upended my legalistic life over a decade ago and ever since then I've been passionate about exploring and sharing about how that grace impacts every inch of life. Here's how I'm doing that (and how you can join me!):






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Being a ministry wife is a vocation without a job description and, let’s be honest, sometimes it seems like ministry might be easier if we did have one. If you are a ministry wife like me and are looking for hope, perspective, and a little bit of practical advice regarding your role, join me for The Ministry Wives Podcast, a production of the North American Mission Board. On the podcast, I chat with women in various ministry contexts, and we have authentic conversations about our shared joys and challenges – even the ones we’re unsure we can talk about. 

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I love getting to share gospel truths with other women through my writing, but I also enjoy teaching these truths. My favorite place to teach is within my own church, but if you're looking for a speaker for your women's gathering, feel free to contact me in order to check my availability.